Saturday, July 21, 2007

Playing with pictures


As I haven't been able to anything about my Zurich pictures, I decided to find out how to adjust digital pictures. Here is my first attempt.

I can't show you the 'before',since I hadn't realised that when I renamed it that the original would be overwritten....but the overall image looked more like this:

And here's the 'after' of the second image: It's all a bit 'blunt', but I didn't realise that I had any such facility on my PC. I'm going to practice some more and see if I can improve my pictures for the blog - if I can ever get the PC and camera to speak to each other again.



Anonymous tash said...

I can help a bit with your problems, but it might not actually "help". Flash memory cards (SD, MMC, xD etc) every now and then, need formatting, especially if they are new. It's like one big "reset" for the card, however doing this wipes the card of everything. There are programs available (my husband found PC Inspector Smart Recovery of use) which should enable any photos to be found. Formatting the card once you've used that software may be the only option, and just admit that, if that doesn't work, the images are gone (awful, I know - we lost a HD with just about everything on it). It could also be a corrupt card, though flash memory is very reliable on the whole, with no moving parts etc.

Good luck and hope this helped!

3:02 pm  
Blogger Roobeedoo said...

Thanks so much for you recent commnets on my blog - much appreciated!

12:18 pm  

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