Sunday, July 08, 2007

Alston 2007

It's nearly 11 pm and Number Guy and I have been back for about 20 mins. I still feel like I'm in a moving vehicle :0( However, it was worth it, my fourth visit to Alston Hall When even the 'welcome' sign is set in such lovely surroundings, you know you're in for a treat...

As expected, and sincerely hoped for, most of the usual friends and aquaintances were there. Sadly (for us, anyway !) Carol and Pete weren't there this time - not that this stopped me buying one of their spindles ;0) ;0) Where there's a will, there's a way - in this case, Freyalyn, who kindly brought lots of Carol and Pete's goodies to show us. When she isn't facilitating our habits further by providing a dazzling array of her own dyed fibres, Freyalyn is a mightily talented spinner - and here is the lovely lady herself, clutching her brand new Little Gem wheel. If you like luscious fibre, check back in a few days for pics of the tiny quantity that I got over the weekend

As my internal battery runs down, I can't decide what to 'show and tell next', so I think I'll put a pic up of some of the wild folk who came along for the spinning workshop - just be glad they're spinning in this picture, because when they weren't they could be found swinging from the chandeliers and getting up to all sorts of mischief. I, meanwhile, remained the perfect example of decorum and modestly at all times. And just to keep things equal ( and to make sure I get invited back!) here is a weaving sample - the other guys were doing some amazing Norwegian technique which I can't even begin to spell.(The word reminded me a bit of Gaelic, to tell the truth - the letters sound nothing like you expect them to, and half of them are silent!)

So that's all the show-and-tell for tonight, but over the next few posts I'm going to put up my 'Wanted Gallery' of the rest of the gang that came along. There are a couple of other lovely examples of the weaving to show - if my addled memory serves me correctly, they were done by Marilyn and Mary,who did a grand job of organising this weekend. Superbly well, in fact, as they were 'Organiser Virgins'. They must have been just a tad nervous as they had a lot to live up to - that superb piece of weaving you can see above was done by Liz, who hung up her hat last year after 10 years of organising Alston. I think we are all agreed that Mary and MArilyn passed muster.

Before I go for the night, I have to admit to a bt of a slip - I forgot to take pictures of our silk spinning.....not only does this mean you can't get a glimpse of the spun fibre, but now Number Guy is going to be more convinced than ever that all I do at these things is 'drink tea' and gossip....

And on that note, I'm off to bed - tioraidh an-drasta!

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Anonymous Ali said...

Looks like it was a perfect weekend :)

5:44 pm  

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