Sunday, June 24, 2007

Backpack II


After a marathon sewing session, the outer bag is complete. Right now I feel like I never want to sew again....actually, that's not true, but sewing the sides/bottom to the two main pieces was really hard going. The second side was easier, because I had the experience of sewing the first one. Although there is a 'jog' between the pocket and the main piece, I am still really pleased with the way it looks.

I remembered to put a needle on top of the button when I was sewing it on, so that a shank formed, thus making it easier to fasten the button loop onto it - this is the only tip that I couldn't see in the instructions - now that I've said that, I bet it's there somewhere, there are so many other handy hints in the pattern. One thing that was mentioned, which I think is really good advice, is to use a walking foot to sew the various layers together on the main bag. It isn't a disaster not having one, but for bag number two, I plan to have one.I also plan to use a rotary cutter next time - there aren't too many curves, so I think I should manage. It has to be better than all the cutting out with scissors

I've just pinned the straps at the silver rings in order to get an idea of how the straps work as a backpack and tote - it's so simple, but I bet I wouldn't have thought of it.

And now I'm off for a stiff gin and tonic.



Anonymous victoria said...

I love your bag! I feel the same way when I sew continuously for a time--a good gin and tonic is just the thing!

3:15 am  
Anonymous tash said...

You are a much better seamstress than I! Wow, I love the toile, very pretty - and the design of the bag looks like my kinda thing. I don't know about walking feet - did they do those on 1920's Singer's ?! :)

Have a lovely week - with your new bag!

12:04 pm  

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