Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lazy hazy days of summer...Part II

So, this is what I was making.Yep - the cushion. Not the chair...

Simple, but fun.
I made this with an envelope opening at the back - less fuss with closures. Before I turned it right side out, I graded the seams
The corners were sewn on a diagonal, not a right-angle. I seemed to remember reading that this is the way to sew a corner and it certainly gave a good finish when turned out the right way.
And, having that urge to add every possible embellishment now that I have started, I restrained myself by just adding two buttons. It's impossible to tell, but the stitching on these two flowers is purple, having run out of the pink. There are three more flowers - 2 pink, 1 purple, but I think they've closed for the night.
Edit: forgot to say that the cushion is 55cm each side, but I made the cover 45 cm, so it is nice and squishy



Blogger Kathleen said...

You'll soon be quilting, you crazy top-stitcher!
Cushion looks lovely- your embellishments are a great touch. x K

9:29 pm  

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