Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lazy hazy days of summer...Part I

When the weather has been the way we expect it during a Glasgow summer - rainy - I've been doing a little more sewing.
First up, Japanese jacket II First I made the lining - although I have made a skirt out of this dotty fabric, which I really like, it is not my choice for the lining of this jacket. However, it is what I had available, so I can live with that.
Having made the outer jacket, I got into a real pickle sewing the lining. One sleeve cuff had to be done three times. Thank goodness for seam rippers. Another tool of the trade which I have only just started using is a thimble. I know, I'm hanging my head in shame....what a difference this makes to hand sewing. In this picture I am sewing the lining to the outer fabric where the sleeve and jacket body meet under the arm - I decided that this jacket would have the traditional construction, where there are openings at this point.

Apparently, another feature of traditional Japanese sewing is that joins, knots etc are seen as an integral past of the jacket and are not hidden in the same way as in Western tailoring. Since I had to join the fabric strip for the collar, I decide to make a feature of it - making a mock seam by folding and topstitching the fabric in the same place on the other side.

Finally, it was all ready - just in time for my second Zen group meeting ;0)

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Blogger yvette said...

Well done, its is gorgeous, you have been very busy, I am glad to see the sun shining too.

8:04 am  
Blogger Flavaknits said...

It looks beautiful! - the jacket. The cushions look great too. You have been a busy (sewing) bee.
PS - left a comment on your cheese post, but computer went mad - may not be there!

7:43 pm  
Anonymous natalie said...

I've recently come back from Japan. There's a nightly public service broadcast by the NHK channel, it lasts about an hour and consists of a cooking spot (three ways with cabbage or noodles, or radishes), a craft spot.... (sewing, cardmaking, wrapping gifts... which is a real art form) and something else... could be earthquake safety, or how to take digital photos of plants.
It was required viewing on the trip!!!
So I really love your jackets.

The yarn shops however, were well hidden.....

Are you stashing along on EVERYTHING?

9:42 pm  

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