Friday, June 01, 2007

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On the music front: Mumm-ra She's got you high - great little toe-tapping number
More Hip than Hippie - a North American 'cast about trying to make less of an impact on the planet - they have great 'teeny weeny greenies' - small steps that make a big difference.
Geek Farm Life A show about '2 geeks who moved to rural Indiana.'
The Naked Scientists 'Stripping the facts bare'. Ooer, missus!
In our timeAn eclectic mix presented by Melvynn Bragg.
The Snailwell Gazette A lighthearted look at life from a North American woman living in the tiny village of Snailwell, with some vege cooking tips and 'Just Clean Green' spot.


Blogger Kathleen said...

Hiya. Have you seen this site? It's about a man trying to minimise his effect on the environment by changing his lifestyle.

I've just spent a merry hour reading through his posts and following his links. Particularly liked the one about 100 mile diet. (The food you eat should not travel more than 100 miles to reach you.)

Thought it might be the kind of thing you would be interested in.
K x

10:56 am  
Anonymous victoria said...

Liked that song--couldn't find it on itunes kinda reminds me of what I've been into lately--The Kooks--i just love them!
Good job on the machine embroidery--it looks great!

4:22 pm  

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