Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't be afraid of the biscuits.

I really fancied lavender biscuits, so the ones over at Milk and Cookies seemed to fit the bill. I'd been convinced that the recipe contained lemon but I think I must have seen that somewhere else, so after a bit of trawling about I ended up following this recipe and added some vanilla and lemon rind.

My biscuits are much thinner than the ones in the original recipe - they spread out a lot. I was really put off by the lavender smell - it seemed so strong as to be inedible. But, nothing ventured and all that.... I hesitantly took a little nibble and.....they are delicious ;0) Clearly, the scent is stronger than the taste. We've got four people up for the weekend to play Dungeons and Dragons* with Number guy, so these'll be on the menu. I'll also be making Oaty Vanilla Cookies from Yarnstorm's blog, and sundry other edible goodies to boot

* Yep, I know lots of folk think that D&D is for nerds...but then, that's what a lot of folk think about knitting! D&D is Number Guy's way of keeping in touch with friends he made years ago. He doesn't drink, doesn't follow sport (YAY!), so this is his version of a knit'n'knatter. (And forget crumby/crappy commercial books, videos, films etc - their version is, well, sophisticated. Some of their worlds have been going for years - don' knock it if you haven't tried it. And they don't dress up;0) So no chance of getting to weave Number Guy an Elven Cloak, then.....)



Anonymous carol said...

So glad to read that #1 guy still plays and keeps in touch with old friends through D & G. It is certainly not for nerds at all. Good for him that he still has male friends from the old days.
I have never tried anything with lavender in either - just didn't seem right somehow tastewise. Might just try some though if the flavor isn't as overpowering as the scent is. I have a cake recipe that has been handed down to me using lavender and as its in full bloom in the garden right now - seems an ideal time to try.

8:22 pm  
Blogger Aim said...

sounds like something yummy to try!

2:06 am  

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