Saturday, June 23, 2007

Backpack I

Coinciding with my decision to sew a bag, is Bag month at Sew, Mama, Sew!

My chosen bag is none other than the backpack from Disdressed - and the good news is that Leisl is reprinting this pattern, which I thoroughly recommend. The pattern is printed on one sheet of very good quality paper - none of that tissue nonsense - and there is a very clear pattern booklet which gives some useful tips as well as the actual instructions.

The pattern took only 5 days from the States to the UK. The envelope containing the pattern has a list of all the materials required, including the various metal rings etc - I decided it was worth the little bit extra to purchase these bits'n'bobs along with the kit, which just left a zip plus fabric to aquire.

Now, I don't usually have a strong idea about which fabric I want to use - I usually browse until something appeals. Not this time. I knew exactly what I wanted, even though at the time I didn't know the name - French Toile. I decided to go with this idea and was amazed to find it on my first outing - upstairs in the soft furnishing dept of John Lewis. (I saw a really hideous one today - thank goodness I didn't see it first, or I think I'd've changed my mind - it was so bad.)

And, unusually again, I decided that 'good enough' was not going to do. Even though it is a waste of fabric, and very time consuming, I am being very picky about the way I lay the fabric out. Instead of folding the fabric to cut two pieces together, and fitting them 'cheek by jowl' to minimise waste, I am centering individual pieces to make the most of the 'prints'. The front of the bag has a pocket - as well as centering the design, I chose two identical pictures - the front of the bag has the whole image, the pocket has the bottom half.

Have a squint at the bottom picture - when I lay one on top of the other, it matches up quite well, dontcha think? ;0)



Blogger Kathleen said...

I have two bits of terminology for you darling- "Toile de Jouy" and "fussy cut". Hee hee, sometimes it pays to be a linguist cum newbie quilter! Genuine Toile de Jouy will only ever be blue on white or red on white, showing idealized bucolic scenes.

I love that fabric- I saw it in JL wheen I was making that blue and white quilt top. For two pins I'd have had it, but the cloth was more heavy-weight than the other craft cottons I was using. That one is nice and detailed, with decent resolution - they can be quite hit and miss really, you sometimes get the impression their template has slipped or something.

I think it will make a cracking bag.
You're being so productive these days, it's not difficult to keep busy, is it?
x K

10:55 am  
Blogger Liesl said...

Oooh, it's just as I pictured from your email--will be lovely! I really like toile. Please post a photo to Flickr when it's done!

7:31 pm  

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