Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Le Weekend


You mean it was only the one??? It feels more like 3 or 4...

Began on Friday, when we headed for Cumbria and Woolfest, a half-day earlier than expected, which should have meant a half-day extra. Unfortunately my changeover of migraine meds was NOT going well, so I had to leave after only one and a half hours. This was around about the time I thought 'Sod this!' and went back on the Pizotifen, big time. It may have helped in the gaining of 2 stone over the past 4 years, but I forgive it everything. Some drugs are just meant to be....

Saturday was better pain-and-nausea-wise, but I don't think I was making much sense. Put it this way, Heather may have had a slight interest in spnning before our little 'conversation', but I reckon she'll have had none after :0)

Fighting womanfully against the migraine, I did manage to make the best of the day, but unfortunately I have no pics....there were more vendors this year - no empty rows like the last two years. I'll do a bit of show-and-tell in a subsequent blog, but let's just say that various . great. stalls were visited.More than once.


Met up with various folk, including a number of Rowanettes, as well as Jill who has defected to the dark side married and moved away from the area.

Despite the seductive tones emanating from this little beauty we had to leave about 3-ish. Not to Marrakech as had been our original plan, but to Leicester to visit Number Guy's family


We headed North on Monday, but took our time, meandering through the Lakes, stopping off to eat dinner at one of our favourite places. By the time we got home on Tuesday I felt like I'd been away for years.

And in lieu of Woolfest pics, here's a reminder of what summer in Glasgow can be like

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Blogger natalie said...

I'm a Kiwi user myself.... but I did covet a louet when I was choosing. I looked for the Victoria at Woolfest on a whistle stop dash around all the stalls, but didn't see one (maybe they were well hidden). Someone did mention that there was a problem with them folding, but that might be hearsay. The S45 is the one for me, I think.

9:21 am  
Blogger Midsummer night's knitter said...

P&M Wooolcraft had one - there didn't seem to be a problem with this one folding - and the flyer attaches with a strong magnet, which really appealed to me.
Guess I'd better do a little research before I commit to one, but I am head over heals about it ;0)

9:28 am  

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