Friday, August 17, 2007

Whaddaya mean, get off the laundry?

As you can see, our Blue likes her creature comforts.
And I can kind of see her point. There is a perfectly good cat hammock purposefully placed to dream the days away in, next to a warm radiator - but it is usually occupied by Isis.
And Blue aint nobody's fool - a row from me v head bitten off by cat.
Which would you choose ?

Edit: Number Guy says he'd take his chances with the cat. Bloomin' cheek.

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Anonymous Freyalyn said...

I just love this cat. *Such* a serious stare.

7:33 am  
Anonymous tash said...

She looks very stern indeed! I am just getting back to knitting. Sepetember to March I knit like mad, can't do it at all in the Summer, probably because I'm always gardening...

12:26 pm  

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