Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sing with me , folks!

#Oh happy day!

Thank you not-so-Secret-Pal What can I say - parcel number two arrived safe and sound today. I'd been getting a little anxious - I am easily was confused about sending and packages and such (that doesn't make sense, but trust me know what I mean). I had thought that there was a sad, lonely package somewhere, abducted by aliens, or worse, someone who didn't appreciate the fibre arts ( hard to imagine, isn't it?). But I need not have worried - as you can see :0) This truly awful pic is of a truly awesome package. Can you see it ? "Inspired Cable Knits". I so nearly bought it at Woolfest - I kept picking it up, but something other than lack of cash kept making me put it back. Yeehah! There's such a cure key-ring in the form of a mini sock blocker, chocolate (yum), Socks that Rock - always wanted to try it, DPN case ( which has it's outside facing, 'cos the material is so cool) and a lovely card. Can you tell that I am still excited?

By the way, not-so-secret pal - what is salt water taffy?

This also arrived today, and it is Elaine's fault. She received it from her Secret Pal and then wickedly brought it along to a knit along. So, it's poppyseed, lavender and honey cupcakes tonight. When I have completed my Gaelic assignment. When I have put my Gimme your Stuff package together. When I have packed my Secret Pal package. When I have tied the darn house....

So, with no more ado, I'm off - thanks again, not-so-SP!


Blogger soCherry said...

Loving the SP package - that teeny-sock blocker key ring is so cute.

I've just made the walnut chocolote brownies from the cupcake book - i added raspberries to the cake mix rather than walnuts - mmmmm-mm! if i do say so myself! will blog it soon.

See you soon Elaine x

11:16 am  

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