Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And further more...

...I have decided that I am not doing things that make me feel like c*** just to make others feel good, particularly when the 'others' are generally people that I don't have much to do with.

For example, Christmas cards. I love getting these from friends and family who live far away, especially those whom I get to see only rarely. I love getting the 'year-in-review- letter, although some folk don't ( as evidenced by the discussion on the Rowan forum recently...). What I don't like is the giving and receiving of cards in the workplace. I don't see these people from one week to the next. I doubt very much that they care whether I live or die. So this year I am not giving workplace cards.

For example, the second - Secret Santa. When it comes to doing this with my yarny friends, I really enjoy it. I know that care, consideration and good wishes go into each parcel selected. I love it. Secret Santa at work - Cha toil leam SS, idir, idir, IDIR!!!!!! Every single year I get the chocolate raisin-cr*****g reindeer, the blow up French maid's outfit yada, yada. Every year I spend time and money making sure I have brought a present that 99.95 of people will enjoy - ie good quality chocolate or alcohol. What makes it worse is that I have to plaster a smile on my face and pretend to be delighted that I feel screwed over - yet again. So, why was I doing this? Was it for my pleasure? No. So, I decided that rather than feel stresed and grumpy about the whole thing, I would be sensible and opt out. And that is what I have done. And I feel much happier, too.

I decided that I still wanted to give some of the people at work a small gift - because I LIKE them. Not because I HAD TO DO IT! So, I made up some small parcels of tablet when I made the last batch for the family.

And guess what? I am left feeling full of Christmas cheer, instead of like Scrooge. :0)



Blogger Faerynuff said...

Phew! I bet you are feeling so much better just for doing something little for yourself. Why should we work our bums off pleasing everyone when our energy is better spent pleasing ourselves and those who really matter?
I've just decided not to make cakes and cookies for DH's work because I don't know them and I've plenty of other things to get done.
Take care, Merry Christmas!

6:42 pm  
Anonymous anna said...

amen. there is enough pressure just getting through the season, without doing things we hate. i skipped the staff xmas party tonight. too tired, to face all that alcohol and noise. i would have just been miserable, followed by resentful.

8:54 pm  
Anonymous Andrew@ThreeElms said...

Hey India,

We have something from GFL that we would like to mail to you, as in a late christmas gift. Could you email us your mailing address?

5:10 pm  
Blogger Poshyarns said...

Gosh yes, all the excess gift giving makes me feel a bit nauseous. We have kept it very small this year and only bought things we really like and have thought about rather than random panic buying for the sake of it.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

10:45 pm  

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