Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SP and FO

Look what Postman Pat left for me today: photot of various goodies sent by Secret Pal, including yarn, chocolate and toy mouse Given the postal mayhem that happens at this time of year, I wasn't expecting anything to arrive before the New Year - what a lovely surprise, especially as I am off work unwell - again! But enough of that just now.

One of the great things about Hershey bars is that both Mr and Master India loathe peanut butter with every fibre of their being - so I can take my time and savour each and every square. Fortunately, they don't like yarn either, so I can savour all of that fibrey-gorgeousnous, too.

So, we have some C*eye*ber fibre sock yarn, which I am knitting up all ready. Talk about perfect timing, I had just finished the socks which you'll see below. This new yarn being green, I decided to go for the obvious and am knitting the Embossed LEaves socks form Interweave Knits (Winter 05, I think). There are 3 balls of soysilk - I think that'll turn into a scsrf, but I'm not sure. This is the second lot of soy yarn I've received via SP, and it's really growing on me. The colourway is perfect, too. What else was in this bundle? Well, amongst the other goodies you will spot Sweater Design in Plain English, which I had first seen courtesy of Kathleen a few months ago and had put on my Amazon Wish List. There is such a cute mouse - he'll be living on top of the pc monitor - I figure it's the only way to keep the cats away from him. Lots of other bit's'bobs aimed at sheer bliss and relaxation will also be put to very good use - so a HUGE thank you to SP9 - I feel thoroughly spoiled.

I have finished a couple of things lately - the only problem with finishing, though,is that some blocking needs doing. This is the scarf that I knitted for my mum's Christmas. I've been trying to convince myself for some time that blocking was an irrelevancy, but I finally gave in - witnessed by this soggy heap in the bathroom. It only sat there overnight, and it is now pinned out in my bedroom. I also finished these socks - which are definitely NOT being blocked.

Saturday and Sunday nights were spent in A&E following incidents of tachycardia nd arrythmia. I wonder if this is related to coming off the propranolol which was being used for migraine prevention. However, I reduced the dose by 10mg a week over lots of weeks, so I am not sure. In the meantime, while I wait for a cardiology referal, I'm back on the propranolol.

This year has not been as good as it could be, but a heck of a lot better than it might have been. So, I'm counting my good fortune, and hoping for an even 'better' year in 2007.

Hope y'all have a great festive season, India

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Anonymous Mhairi said...

Hi India,
You have been spoiled - the photo of your gifts from SP9 looks delicious!
I hope you are feeling a bit better - I couldn't pronounce the illness you wrote down but it sounded nasty.
And last but not least - hurray for someone else who hates wasting money just because its Christmas, or taking part in tasteless rituals (I detested secret Santa).
Not working I no longer need to use my get out clause - "its against my religion" (everyone too embarrassed to ask what my religion was!!)
Enjoy Christmas !

8:27 pm  

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