Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'd like to show you a pic, honest I would, but these babies were soooo good they were snaffled right up.

Ricotta Pancakes
enough for ME! ok, ok, makes 8 - enough to share - if you have to...
100g ricotta
2 eggs, separated - go that extra half inch - make 'em organic free range or don't bother making this!
100ml milk
75g SR flour

Optional extra: extra large helping of willpower, but only if you really must share.
Method Beat the ricotta with the 2 egg yolks and milk. Try to get it smooth but don't worry too much if there are some small lumps
Gently mix in the flour
Beat egg whites until stiff
Gently fold said whites into ricotta mixture.

Heat heavy based frying pan, melt small nob of butter. Cook dollops of mix until the bases are golden and the mix has set a bit. Turn over.
Turn onto plate, add maple syrup & black pepper.


This was a half measure of the ricotta pancakes found in the Rose bakery book. Highly recommended. By me. And my tummy.



Anonymous carol said...

Yum - have just ordered this cookbook after a stallar write up in last sundays New York Times. I shall look forward to it arriving.

3:13 pm  
Blogger Flavaknits said...

Your tummy has good taste - if only I had room for another cookery book.
What am i talking about , of course I have!

8:45 pm  

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