Sunday, February 11, 2007

having my cake and not eating it

lemon cup cake Tried out Lemoncello Cupcakes and was so disappointed. The batter was so luscious and lemony but it didn't come through in the finished cake. Full disclosure, however - not having any of the 'defrosted lemonade concentrate' I tried substituting with ordinary lemon juice - I think that might be the problem. Next time ( because I think they are probably worth a next time) I am going to put in some Roack's Organic Lemon .

There was more 'candy' though - my Secret Pal packages. I said in the previous post, Rae really came up with the goods, and then of secret pal package containing variety of fibres, including pecil roving, silk and bison down containing There's some amazing fibres here - including Bison down - I'm really excited about trying that. There are various silk mixes and some pencil roving to boot - a shed load of the roving let me tell you. I've had to pack them away due to too much interest of the feline variety, but I'm going to post a full list in the next day or two. If 'A gift honours the giver', then Rae is right up there.

In fact, the two Secret Pals I've had for SP8 & SP9 have more than fullfilled there comittment, and not 'only' in monetary terms. The thought and care which went into all the packages I received was overwhelming. Ok. I'll stop gushing now, this is turning into an Oscar acceptance speech, but I think you guys understand the sentiment.

Away to peruse the cookery books - I'm off work for 4 days, and ther will be no studying, only complete indulgence.

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Anonymous carol said...

That canned lemonade is wierd stuff to me. I don't think anything like it is sold in the UK - or it certainly wasn't when I last lived there. I shall take a look later on today when I go shopping to see exactly what is in it. Chances are there is some sort of "bulking" agent in it as there are in many cheap drinks sold here. That might be why the cupcakes didn't turn out. Using pure lemon juice is much more liquid.

3:18 pm  

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