Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Unexplained visual loss

Got me some of that, yessir! But I'm not panicking - yet....

At the moment it is not very noticeable, involving as it does the fine vision in my left eye. In order to 'Get a definite diagnosis' I experienced Optical Coherence Tomography today. Did you know that there are only FOUR, yes FOUR of these machines in the whole world, and that Glasgow has one of them? Well, if your gonna have crappy bad luck with your vision, what luckier place to have it, eh?

I might also have to have some function tests, which deal with electrical signals, not whether or not you can read a chart. The lady that I briefly saw today was wonderful. She did something amazing. She listened to what I had to say. And she paid attention to the strange 'sensation' I've got going on that is so hard to explain. And she didn't dismiss it as stress. Now I've gotta tell you - the next time some baby medic dismisses my symptoms as being down to stress, I'm gonna tell him/her exactly what I think. I know that stress produces some very real physical symptoms, and it certainly enhances my migraine experience, if you see what I mean. But it isn't the be all and end all. I accept that it is possible that this problem might be due to a form of oedema caused by stress. However, as this wonderful woman pointed out, if it was only likely to be stress they wouldn't be spending a lot of money on this scan. Believe me, noone will be happier than me if it is 'just' stress, but I want them to make damn sure.

Think I went on a bit about stress just then, Y'all think I'm stressed?



Anonymous Ali said...

Hope it turns out to be nothing too but its better to be safe than sorry! Love your mits BTW :)

8:14 pm  
Blogger Flavaknits said...

Hope you are feeling better soon , and they get to the bottom of it!
Remember, hand exercises help, knit one purl one, knit one purl one!

8:22 pm  
Anonymous heather said...

Jeez ! Sounds a mite scary to me. Keep at 'em till they track down the problem.

Heather x

(who is totally unstressed 'cos she's on holiday until a week on Monday - Yay !

9:40 pm  
Anonymous victoria said...

I hope everyting is alright and you're feeling better--stress related or not, its still scary to have weird symptoms! Thinking of you!

3:18 am  
Blogger Freyalyn said...

Hope it all sorts itself out. As you say, if you're going to have a problem might as well have it near the machine that can identify it. Keep knitting (and your cupcakes are inspiring me at the moment).

Are you going to Alston? Wanna share a room?

8:03 am  
Anonymous carol said...

Hope its nothing - but best to get tested to find out for sure.

4:44 pm  

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