Friday, March 02, 2007

Some good news..

On the eye front - the results from the scan are in, and there are no problems on that front! Yeehah! Great news! Still doesn't explain the problem, but at least my macula is intact. Hopefully an appointment with the eye specialist will get to the bottome of what is going on

Appointment with a cardiologist today - seems it is likely that my chest pain is...chest pain. i.e. cardiac related as opposed to intercostal cramp. I'm not surprised, since painful as IC cramp is, the pain in my chest has been something else.

Next steps - waiting for appointment for 5-day cardio tape to try to catch my heart misbehavin'. Then hopefully having caught said misbehaviour, treat it with non-lipid soluble betablocker. The kind that doesn't get into the brain and cause confusion and horrific nightmares. And it will treat my high BP - which has also been a cause for concern.

In the meantime, on with my current assignments and not much time for knitting ;0( Hope y'all have a good weekend. India



Blogger Flavaknits said...

Glad to hear the eyes are doing okay - hope the heart follows suit (I don't know how often I started this and mispelled things!)
Hopefully you'll get some knitting tomorrow - see you then!

7:43 pm  

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