Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Diagnosis delight

First up - thanks for all the support re the cats. In some ways I almost feel that I have no right to be upset since Number Guy and I made a decision to go to Switzerland which ultimately, despite our plans to the contrary, meant that they couldn't go. Still, they do have great homes and that is the best thing (well, best after being with us, of course....).

I saw the GI consultant today. He really is a lovely man and the fact that he gave up some of his time to see me before his over-full clinic began makes me like him even more. And even better - I now have a firm diagnosis. Put simply, the pressure in my oesophagus is too high. When this happens further down the the GI tract, one has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I also have symptoms of, as it happens. This was all shown by the manometry tests that I had 2 weeks ago. I also had a pH test done at the same time and this was also worth the trauma and having it in situ for 24 hours since this has shown that I also have acid reluxing into my oesophagus where it just shouldn't be.

So, treatment options. First is lifestyle - I have to contimue avoiding the things that make it worse. Mr X said that chocolate and cheese before bed really is a bad idea since they containe tyramine which has adverse effects. The good news is that he has said that I don't have to avoid tyramine-containing food completely, just be sensible about what I eat and when. I also need to continue with the positive changes inr espect of stress reduction. He feel that in cases such as this complementary treatments are potentially of benefit.

But he said something else which made me like him even more - just in case I was worrying that he thought all in my head he said emphatically that this is a very real problem and is not 'all in my mind'. Now I also want to point out that I am not denigrating psychological/psychiatric problems, which are also real in every true meaning of the word. It is simply that that since others health professionals could not come up with a diagnosis I had to suffer their condescension as a result - there was no acceptance of the fact that my problems were real and that they simply couldn't find out the cause - so I just feel better being able to wave this in their face. It would be great if others' prejudices/assumptions about different types of illness didn't exist, but they do.

As well as the lifestyle I will continue to be treated with what is actually an anti-depressant. Again, Mr X pointed out that this is not due to the psychiatric properties (I am 'scunnered' but definitely not depressed) but for the side-effects which act on the autonomic nervous system, affecting the muscles of the GI tract. It can take several months for the full effect to bcome apparent so this is a bit of a long haul. I will also need to take a Proton Pump Inhibitor such as Nexium to deal with the ongoing acid reflux.

And....on the cardiac front, the medic that I saw on Friday is fairly sure that the SVT is caused by the meds I take for the migraines.....so, bit of a viscious circle going on with this.

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Anonymous carol said...

Good news. Lets hope that once the move is out of the way you will start to feel settled again. I can't imagine the stress of it helping much....

3:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thats what I call GOOD news! Glad for you and you know what; we do have in Switzerland a kind of 'light'-fondue, so you can even indulge in one occasionally for lunch:):) and won' tmiss out on the cheesy stuff when you move here:)

I had to take Nexium too and they were apart from being a pain to swallow due to their size,side effect free for me and I hope will be for you too!!!

9:13 am  
Anonymous Freyalyn said...

Hugs for the cats and everything else. You'll look back on this in a year's time with amazement that you coped with so much at once - and came through with flying colours!

10:29 am  
Anonymous heather said...

Glad you've had a reassuring diagnosis - that must have set your mind at ease. I know you must be missing the cats but you've put such a lot of effort into finding them the right homes that I'm sure they will settle and be quite happy. You really had no choice.

6:56 pm  
Blogger Flavaknits said...

Thats great that you finally got a proper diagnosis! So sorry about the cats - and ditto what Heather said.

3:04 pm  
Anonymous http://vintagepretty.org/ said...

I'm glad you've got a diagnosis and that you're being taken seriously. I have really bad IBS and oesophageul spasms both of which come on in very bad times of stress and the former can hang around for years. So *hugs* to you because I know how miserable it can make you feel! But with a doctor who cares by your side you're onto a winner. I have yet to find one of those!

8:28 pm  

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