Monday, November 19, 2007

Isis and Athyr

They left tonight for their new home - they're going to be thoroughly spoiled by their new owners - lovely couple with an adorable daughter (anyone who knows me knows I don't say this about many children, so that will give you an idea of just how lovely she is!). Many tears shed....

...and just to take my mind off it, I have to have an x-ray tomorrow to see if I have a kidney stone. Tell ya, I'm sure getting my money's worth out of the NHS before I leave these shores.

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Blogger DaviMack said...

I'm sorry that you're having to part with them. I'm even sorrier that you might have a kidney stone! Nasty business!

9:11 pm  
Blogger soCherry said...

Hey - so sorry :(
Glad that you're happy about their home - a small comfort, but a comfort none-the-less.
Hope your test goes OK too
Speak soon
Elaine x

9:51 pm  
Anonymous Ali said...

So many emotions - its going to be a difficult time but at least you know they'll be happy. Besides, we all know that with cats it's just cupboard love (that's supposed to make you feel better - honest) :)

10:20 pm  

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