Saturday, November 24, 2007


As the title implies, there isn't much of a theme to this post...

On Monday I took the train to Edinburgh to meet up with Eleanor, a friend from my nursing days - you know the type of friendship, where you might not see each other for months, years sometimes yet it is as if you last met up the other week. We treated ourselves to lunch at Harvey Nics, and a very fine lunch it was too. By way of a gift before I depart these shores, Eleanor presented me with a beautiful Oxenburg Scarf. EDIT: There should be a picture of the scarf here, but my camera is playing up again...Grrr!

When I haven't been gadding about I finally got started on the clearing out that must be finished before the movers come - honestly, it is quite scary just how much rubbish there really is.

Inbetween times, there has been a fair amount of both knitting and spinning. I decide that I did not like the singles that I had spun for Icarus and sunsequently plied it with a Tencel singles. I now have the beginnings of a shawl which is a bit of a contradiction - the summers are definitely summery, but the weight is inherently that of a winter shawl... The Hourglass Sweater is coming along. I have had to frog it back to the joining round, since it was too short along the raglan. And of course, having increased the depth from armhole to neck means that I neede more yarn. Let me tell you, having practised spinning more consistenly of late it was rather hard getting the slightly 'slubby' effect of the original batch - another reason to make sure that enough yarn is spun before the knitting begins.

The cats are settling well into their new homes, I have been too busy today to dwell. Mind you, it has been a bit emotional transferring the last picture that I took of them.

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Blogger Arianwen said...

Wow seems there is some amazing stuff going on in your life. I hope the move to zurich is as easy as it can be. The upside about homing your cats is that they will stay forever young. we had to home one when I was a child and although it is impossible that she isnt chasing mice across the sky.I still think of her as a naughty little fluff ball.

7:08 pm  

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