Wednesday, October 17, 2007

That's the weekend that was

And a blinkin' 'orrible one it was, too.

I was admitted to our local hospital on Friday and was discharged today. I now have to take the decision on whether or not to make a formal complaint.

When I was a student nurse, it was drummed into my head that 'A patient's pain is what they say it is, when they say it is.' Sadly, one of the nurses seemed to have missed that lecture. And so had one of the doctors.

I don't know about you, but when a patient who has just been discharged (and delighted to be going home) finds herself rolling about the floor in agony, I reckon that what is needed is another assessment. What I overheard between one of the junior doctors and this nurse was 'Leave her in there, she'll get fed up soon and go home'......Well, that was the final straw. Suffice to say, one snotty, crying, pain-ridden India ended up collapsing in the corridors and had to be brought back yesterday afternoon.

Having politely, if somehwat tearfully, told the doctor what I thought of his comments, he surprisingly couldn't look me in the eye today.....

Number Guy and I spoke to one of the senior nurses in the hospital yesterday after my pain had settled but I think I am going to go ahead with this complaint. Ironic, isn't it, that a couple of nights previously I had told the night sister how impressed I was with one of the other nurses on the ward,a young male staff nurse. He didn't tell patients what they 'wanted to hear', he 'simply' took the time to listen and to give the best answer he could. And he took time. He was just great.

Unfortunately, this other nurse was a different story. Right from the beginning I new she thought I was a timewaster. The problem at the moment is that the endoscopy didn't show any damage - this is good news, but it doesn't mean that there isn't a problem. She, however, has obviously decided that the GI consultant can't see a malingerer when one jumps up and slaps him in the face. I have had to endure her sarcastic tones and resistance for the past 3 days. So certain of her own 'diagnosis' was she, that even when I was in agony in the hallway and with Number Guy present, she continued with her very bad attitiude to me. Although I know myself that she has been treating me as a malingerer I am so glad that I have witness to it.

Having decided to stay last night so that they could do another test today, I did something I thought I would never do - I asked that I not be 'cared' for by this nurse. Never thought I would ever do that, never.

I had a CT scan today to check the blood vessles around my stomach, and they are fine. I have to have pH and pressure tests in a couple of weeks - involves wires up my nose (Yikes!!!) and down my throat. Not looking forward to it, but hopefully it will help.

So, a really cr***y weeked. But thank goodness for great nurses and consultants who can spot a genuiunely ill patient at 100 yards, blindfolded on a foggy night in the blackout.... <

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Anonymous tadmack said...

Immediately, insistently, eloquently, and in triplicate.
It's bad enough to be in PAIN for which no one can find reason nor remedy; it's quite, QUITE over the top to have to endure insults and accusations and attitude over it.

I'm so terribly sorry you're not well. What truly dreadful timing.

5:43 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

So sorry to hear you are not well. Well done for standing up for yourself though, it can't have been easy when you were feeling so rubbish. I hope you feel better soon xx

9:14 pm  
Anonymous Eva said...

I totally agree! where does she think she gets the right/authority to treat you like that. and all the best with the further test, hope you feel better soon!

9:16 pm  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Gosh, it sounds like you've had a dreadful time of it.
That sounds hellish, particularly with all you've got on your plate at the moment.

9:29 pm  
Blogger Allegra said...

Oh India, that is all awful! I do hope you feel better soon. We had some icky experiences with my Ob/Gyn before I gave birth and we are definitely going to file a complaint. You must let them know how awfully you were treated.

4:12 am  
Blogger yvette said...

Oh, India, poor you, that kind of attitude stinks, complain, I would. I hope you are painfree soon, take care.

5:08 am  
Blogger DaviMack said...

Complain, by all means - and have Number Guy complain FOR YOU. It's sad, but the medical world takes males seriously where it doesn't females.

Advice from a friend whose wife died of cancer: "always go to the doctor with your wife, 'cause they won't listen to her until it's too late."

12:56 pm  
Blogger Sylv said...

Oh drat,not the best advertising for the nurses profession:(

Are you better now ?

I had to go through that terrible examination(enodscopy) before we left for the hols and it's something I wouldn't wish onto my enemies!

GET WELL SOON! hope to have a proper chat soon too:O)


3:41 pm  
Anonymous tash said...

I'm so sorry you've been unwell, but you not only have witnesses you also have the fact that you're a trained nurse on your side. Though they should've listened to *anyone* in pain. I'm genuinely scared to go into hospital now, from being on of the best institutions in the world to one of the laziest in 40 years - what on earth happened?

I really hope they find out what's going on and fix it soon. *hugs*

10:40 am  
Anonymous heather said...

Complaining is one of the best ways to get them to improve so absolutely go for it. Once the nurse and junior doctor have had to discuss and explain their actions / comments it will maybe help them to think twice about the impact. Apart from lacking any empathy or insight into the way you were feeling, no matter what they thought they shouldn't be so unprofessional as to voice their opinions in that way and in your hearing ! Hope you're feeling better and won't be back there any time soon :0)

Heather x

3:50 pm  
Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

What an awful thing to have to go through. I think you should be very proud, in the midst of all your pain, to find the strength to stand up for yourself. Well done. You will have saved anyone else from going through the same experience and hopefully, made that nurse a slightly better person!!!
I do hope all these tests find out the problem and that it will soon be sorted.

12:38 pm  
Blogger Roobeedoo said...

More hugs! So sorry to hear about this experience - hope you get sorted out soon - and yes, you MUST complain!

12:00 pm  
Blogger R a i n said...

That's so utterly insensitive. Please do complain. I'm seething right now just thinking of what you went through.

I hope you feel better soon!

10:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the more I hear about hospital care, the more embarassed I am to say I was a part of it. I hope you did complain. This is the type of nurse that is the mentor from hell (of which I had a string) and reduces the number of student nurses - me once but nurses like this were too much for me. Patient's have a right to caring, non-judgemental treatment. If a nurse (or Dr) can't give that they they should look for another job!

12:30 am  

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