Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lists, lists, lists....

What to take
what not to take,
rabies vaccines for cats,
letters from doctors,
subscriptions to cancel
appartments to locate
vets in Zurich to locate
Catteries in Zurich to locate......
and so on, and so on

As you can see, my head is spinning. It's just as well that I will not have to hold down a job in the next few months because I seem to spend a lot of my sleeping time not sleeping. Still, I am putting the time to good use - I managed to make some progress on the Zurich cat boarding problem.Well, to be more accurate, I have managed to find an 'animal hotel' with an animal shipping company. That would solve the initial problem but not the ongoing one - where do the cats go when we want to go on holiday? I think that part of the difficulty is that I am searching with the wrong parameters. I think I am going to try 'pension aux animaux' - or rather, the German equivalent.... when I can find out what that is, of course.


Anonymous tash said...

Perhaps the cattery would be better arranged when you get there, and you've had time to suss options out. After all, will you be going on holiday right away?

I wish you all the best, it sounds very exciting! I know the old adage of "don't worry" won't do much, but try not to stress too much. It will come together in the end!

2:32 pm  
Anonymous heather said...

It does sound like a lot to sort out and complicated by both distance and language barriers. When do you go back for your look at apartments ?

7:20 pm  
Blogger Jul said...

I know lots of expats with cats here - they manage! There are plenty of professional cat sitters in Zurich (who charge an arm and a leg), but your best bet would probably be to make friends with other cat-lovers, who can visit them while you're traveling. I'd volunteer myself if I was planning on sticking around. :)

7:34 pm  
Anonymous carol said...

Oh its funny what the misunderstanding of to us a basic concept is, yet to another, in a foreign land means something very different. Here for instance, finding house movers means literally that. They unbolt the house from the foundation, put it on a truck and move it. Don't ask me how I know this - but I can tell you I was most embarrassed when I found this out the hard way. So even we English speakers in an English speaking country have problems!
Seriously tho - does your husbands company have any relocation / liason type of person available that you can ask in English about such things. They often do.

4:19 am  
Anonymous Ali said...

It all sounds so wonderful and the though to simply jumping on a train to another country when you feel like it is wonderful!

10:14 am  
Anonymous victoria said...

It all sounds so exciting! I know its stressful but I love moving to new places and the chance to reinvent your life. I totally understand playing the support role--thats what I did when hubby was in the nfl for ten years and people still question me when I say things about when "we" retired. My job wasn't on the football field--it was keeping everything together! I know you'll have some great times! Can't wait to hear about them!

2:41 am  
Blogger Flavaknits said...

All this AND the Bee stole! Having grown up with farm cats - they use to go on holiday and leave us! They would reappear a fortnight later when we thought they were all lost. Good luck with the cattery thing.

3:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Admittedly I am the worlds worst knitter , I still carry some stuff with me that I began about 8 years ago or more:) But I made a habit to read the blogs of other people who comment on my blog:) So here I am :)

I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Zurich,though I have to say and fully biased I am as well:) ,that my part of Swissland is the better if not the best part to live in:)

Do get in touch if I can help you at all, I am an experienced 'shoehorn to expats' who come to live to Switzerland.

10:40 am  

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