Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Currently listening to ....

Radio Z├╝risee.

I know this will really surprise you all, but I can't understand a darn word....;0)
I begin German classes fairly soon, but of course this does not help with Schweizerdeutsch. However, I am determined to be able to speak some of this dialect eventully. I just need to try to ensure that if I pick up any books on it (strange, really, as it isn't a written language) that I get the Zurich ones. I mean, imagine the frustration of picking up some Basel Schweizerdeutsch!

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Blogger DaviMack said...

Perhaps you should choose which one to pick up based upon some other criteria than the locale - i.e., pick out a dialect which will say, "cultural elite" or something, rather than "local of xxx." That way you'd at least be trying for something a bit snobby. :)

Enjoy! Talk about twisting your brain around, though!

4:24 pm  

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