Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still life with Clementine


It's all about size at the moment, or so it would seem. Isn't that the cutest little espresso maker? I've got a 6-cup espresso gadget, but I usually want just one shot to put into a large mug of hot milk and this fits the bill nicely.

Why did I put a butter dish in the 'composition'? Just becasue I wanted to, ok?

Anyway, moving along, there has been another FO. Yeh, I know, there's no pictorial evidence. You'll just have to trust me.... I finished another Tithe , but this time in Rowan Summer Tweed. Strangely, this time the garment feels too short. Happily, I have an extra skein (no, not the one in the different dye lot that I used in error for a sleeve...) so I plan to unpick it at the bottom and knit on a couple of inches. Neat, huh?

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